Drywall, Primers and Coatings

paintingDrywall is simply dried mineral plaster in an exceedingly sandwich of thick paper. However it gets lots of affection. Code enforcers like drywall owing to gypsum’s ability to retain water. It steams once exposed to flame, thus it’s solid fireplace retardation.

Builders adore it as a result of hanging wallboard takes solely a fraction of the time required to plaster a wall. Simply nail it up, set joint compound and tape within the vale created by the slabs’ tapered edges, and spread in additional joint compound to fill the vale.

Even once sanding or sponging, a gypsum-board wall isn’t prepared for paint. The soft crown of joint compound appearance nothing like paper, and doesn’t settle for paint an equivalent approach either. However will a contractor produce a sleek, enticing surface from such muddy beginnings?

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